is the one of the IP address which takes you to administration panel. Administiration panel that is shortly called admin panel gives you to opportunity to manage your network and modem settings as fully charged. In general, Comcast Xfinity routers are used IP address for their admin panel accession. If your router ip address is, get support from this page.

Is it possible to change IP address?

If you do not want to use 10.0.0. IP address as a default, you can easily change this. We may encounter errors when writing IP addresses, the main reasons are letters on ip addresses (For example; Login 192.168.l.l ip addres). For that, you must open admin panel and go directly network settings (It can be called network preferences up to your modem type and brand) Find IPv4 section. In that section, your default IP address of modem is written. By clicking on it and writing alternative IP address ,you can change your default IP address. After omitting IP address and writing new alternative, you must restart your wireless router device .At the end of this process, you can use your modem with new default IP address

How to access administration panel with

In order to access admin panel with the help of ,follow these steps:

» Write in url section of your searching browser (If it does not work, is not suitable for your wireless router)

» Access the main page and find user name and password section

» Enter the user name and password of your wireless router (If you do not remember reset your wireless router or control the label of modem that is back side of modem. Serial number is also can be alternative way to create password and user name.)

» Go directly IP address main page.

» If it is necessary, fill in the blanks with your network service user name and password. (Few brands of wireless router need that information for accession to admin panel )

» After accessing admin panel, you can do all network and modem settings.