Internet is the best way of communication. Now many people use internet and it has become easy to use the internet connection by the router and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connection spread the internet. Many people now use internet for getting knowledge and doing business. This is the best method of communication. Users must enjoy all of the services of internet and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi internet spreads the local connection by the router and you can use internet in multiple devices together. In many public places, you get free internet services via Wi-Fi and if you want to use Wi-Fi in your home or office, you need to spread the Wi-Fi connection via Router. A router is not an expensive device and in the market tons of such router available in different prices and ranges. You should buy only popular brand router like Philips, Senao and some other routers. You can use any brand from those. However, I hope, you will use any router from those brands. Those routers use IP address and you need to use this IP address from the router manual for router configuration. You need to use username and password with the IP address with the IP address. Because you need to use those for login to the router.

The IP address is a default IP address and this IP address is setup by manufacturer. You should read the manual after purchasing the device. Because a manual always you correct instruction. With the IP address, you can see the login screen page and you can login to the device for the control section. In manual or in the additional paper, you will get everything of the router login. You will get username and password for login to the device. When you will login, you can setup all of the settings and configuration of the Wi-Fi.

The IP address can make IP address confliction problem and usually the cause of this problem is the IP address. When the same IP address runs in the multiple devices in the same network, the IP address confliction problem occur. You need to change the IP address if you want to avoid the problem. After log in to the router, you can change the IP address according to some rules. However, if you do not change the problem in the IP address, then you cannot use internet and Wi-Fi connection makes problem. There are many people who do not know how to change the IP address and below paragraph will guide theme well. Changing the IP address is not very easy and if you do not give attention for changing the IP address, then you cannot fix the IP address. Let’s learn how to change the IP address. Just look the IP address In this IP address, only number and dot(.) are used. So, you understand that the formation of IP address is only numbers and dots. In the IP address, you cannot use letter or sign. Even a space is not allowed in the IP address. The dot (.) notation and letter are used in the IP address. When you change the IP address, then you should change the IP address from behind and you can use any number in the place of x in the IP address. It means that the IP address 192.168.x.x can be changed by putting number in the place of x. You can use any number from 0 to 255. You should think of the Class. The first part 192 ensure it as a Class C. You can make the IP address to You cannot change the IP address class.

Some people want to change the default IP address for sake of security. The changing the IP address, default username and password secure the router. But if you change the default username and password, then the device settings are enough safe. You do not need to change the default IP address However, you should give attention to securing the Wi-Fi connection and it is very important. Because the Wi-Fi connection is aired and many people may catch the network in same time. Router security is not much important like Wi-Fi. If the connection does not remain safe, then other people can hack the router and use your Wi-Fi internet connection. From the manual of the router, you can learn how to secure Wi-Fi connection. You must change default SSID network name, setup hard password and enable Encrypted security. All of the features of the Wi-Fi are safe and secured. There are many problems may trigger through the router and Wi-Fi. You need to identify the problem and solve the problem. Otherwise, you cannot use router. You can use ping command to identify the problem. With the ping you have to put IP address You can use continuous ping command “ping -t”. That is why, experts suggest users not to change the default IP address. Because the default IP address may need to use in many purposes. In the router manual, you may get some guideline about this. So, you do not need help from expert. If you think that the router problem is in the router, then you should contact with manufacturer or the vendor to solve this issue.

There many complications may occur and the IP address does not work. You have to identify the problem and make the device suitable for running. You can check the device in other computer. However, you can check cable connections like Ethernet and power adapter. If all of those connections are ok, then you can use ping command to identify the problem. If the problem does not occur from the cable, the firewall or the antivirus can be the problem. May be the virus is the main problem and that is why, you should use updated antivirus. You should check the firewall. Sometimes firewall blocks the IP address for many reasons. If the address block, then you cannot enter to the router. Try to fix the problem by resetting the device and you can check the router from other computer. If you think that the problem may be in the router, then you should contact with vendor and take it to the store. If warranty covers router, then you may get a new device.

Rad the manual and you will get good feedback from the router manual. You can learn many things from the router manual fast. If you like to visit Google.com and youTube.com site to get more information. But those sites cannot be alternative of the router manual.
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